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This Book Will Save the Planet: A Climate-Justice Primer for Activists and Changemakers

This Book Will Save the Planet: A Climate-Justice Primer for Activists and Changemakers

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A rousing and radical investigation into the climate crisis, its causes, and how to fight for the most vulnerable people affected by it, This Book Will Save the Planet is a vibrantly illustrated study of one of humanity's most significant threats.

With this third title in the NYT #1 best-selling Empower the Future series, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of climate change and climate justice.

Our planet is in crisis. The ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, wildfires are raging… and those most affected by global warming are marginalised communities across the globe.

But all is not lost – there’s still time for each and every one of us to make a difference.

Through the lens of intersectionality, author Dany Sigwalt lays out the framework for how we can come together to fight climate change, and how we can work to put people over profit. The planet is not protected if all its inhabitants are not; the people are not protected if the planet they inhabit is not.

In this book, you will:
Discover the core principles of climate justice Learn how solidarity, community and mutual aid can change the world Find out how to use your privilege to stand-up for other people
At the end of each chapter, there are activities and calls to action to get you thinking and to grow your knowledge. All you need is a pen and a piece of paper.

With kaleidoscopic and vibrant illustrations by artist Aurélia Durand, this book is written for everyone who lives on planet Earth. By the end, you’ll have the tools you need to go out and make a difference.

The Empower the Future series is a collection of vital and urgent books about how we can all build a better world. Other titles in the list include This Book is Feminist and This Book is Anti-Racist.

12+ years.

160 pages.

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